Pinnacle Sports Bookmaker

Pinnacle Sports Bookmaker

Pinnacle Sports Bookmaker Offering Better Odds All The Time

For the punter looking for a truly professional bookmaker who offer better odds all the time and who are not afraid of winning punters then you should consider joining Pinnacle Bookmakers. They don't offer you bonuses or promotions or other incentives for you to join them, they just offer better odds on all Sports and Entertainment all the time. Join Pinnacle Here

Pinnacle Sports Bookmaker Review

Pinnacle Bookies is for the breed of punter who is more passionate and places bets frequently, finding superior odds at the lowest margin, so long as turnover requirements are not an issue, which for those who fall into this category, never is.

Pinnacle, formerly known as Pinnacle Sports. Forget about sign-up bonuses and promotions. Pinnacle’s approach is to offer better odds than any other bookmakers do and to do it with a bookmaker margin that is almost 50 percent below the Australia based operations.

The following information should not be considered as exhaustive and it should not be forgotten that in the evolving world of online wagering, where change has and will continue to take place at breakneck speeds, it will be necessary to ensure that you always check thoroughly for up-to-date information, especially that which has a direct financial impact.

Pinnacle Background

Pinnacle was started in 1998, making it one of the early pioneers of online wagering. Most people were accessing the internet with dial-up connections, which was not all that much of an issue given that in-play wagering had to wait until high-speed internet service was widely available. They were in existence for almost a decade before the first smart phone made it appearance and revolutionised the betting industry. Pinnacle Mobile App

They are licensed on the island of Curacao in the Caribbean by the Government of Curacao and ply their trade in more than 100 countries around the world, save for those whose Luddite and puritanical governments prohibit online gambling.

They offer an online casino function with many games of chance that has been available since 2004.

Two unique aspects of the operation as it exists today is that there are no horse racing, gallops, jumps or trots, and no dog racing, and since they are not subject to Australian law, punters are free to participate in in-play online wagering with a clear conscience.

Pinnacle recently added a gaming license from the Malta Gaming Authority. The switch from Pinnacle Sports to the current brand of simply Pinnacle took place in June of 2016.

Pinnacle Basic Details

One of the first things visitors to the Pinnacle website will notice is that there are no banners touting phenomenal sign-up bonuses, simply because there is none. This would seem to put them at a distinct disadvantage to the other Australia based bookmakers, were it not for the reality that most of these other bookmakers hold Northern Territory licenses.

The laws of the land prohibit well over 90 percent of Australians from receiving the bonuses. Even for those who somehow manage to qualify, there are typically several or more hoops to jump through in order to use them, mostly things of the nature of higher turnover requirements or minimum odds that preclude favourite backing.

These distinctions fade to a large degree, however, when you realise that Pinnacle has deposit turnover requirements well beyond the one and two percent customarily encountered.

Various sources were consulted to determine the actual turnover requirement imposed by Pinnacle. If they disclose this aspect of the operation of their website, they have made more than a little difficult to find, but one source put Pinnacle at 5x. Failure to meet that deposit turnover requirement will result in a three percent fee on the deposit and the further imposition of a withdrawal fee.

Another source listed Pinnacle’s turnover level as three percent.

The bottom line here is that even with independent sources universally agreeing that Pinnacle offers the best odds, lowest margins and biggest payouts as a percentage of wager, it requires a higher frequency punter than average.

In terms of minimum deposit and minimum wager, Pinnacle is competitive, but by no means the lowest. The funding option selected will determine the minimum funding deposit, but it ranges from $15 to $30. The minimum bet size is $1 USD, somewhat odd considering that they cannot operate in the U.S., but less so considering that they operate in so many countries where the USD, if not exactly commonplace in most day-to-day transactions, is still used as a method for valuing other currencies. They do accept almost 20 currencies.

The aspects that are really attractive for the right type of punter are the low average margin of 2.7 percent, whereas the main line Australian bookmakers are at almost five percent. Another source lists the Pinnacle average as 3.1 percent, but Pinnacle’s website claims a margin for soccer, such as the EPL, of two percent, claiming the industry average is six percent.

Regarding odds, Pinnacle boasts of line odds in the 1.95 – 1.96 range, compared to the more frequently quotes line range of 1.90 – 1.92 for Australian based bookmakers.

The obvious benefit to the punter of these facets is that it is more efficient to bet with Pinnacle in terms of how much will be returned in winnings.

Pinnacle does not offer any credit facilities and our feelings about wagering with borrowed money are such that we look on this as a positive. They do, however, have a dormant account fee, something rarely seen these days, but it does not require a wager to avoid this fee. All it takes is to log into the account at least once per year. Pinnacle will also attempt to collect a fee from punters whose accounts are in negative territory.

Pinnacle Wagering Platform

Pinnacle breaks the mold for their website, eschewing the familiar three-column layout of navigation, odds and betting slip. It takes a little bit more clicking, since navigation receives its own page, as do odds and betting slip. For the top sports markets, the various categories are displayed above the odds to make for faster access.

Pinnacle’s odds display will take a little time to master. Punters accustomed to clicking on their selected odds and having that selection automatically added to the betting slip will discover that they need to enter wager amounts into boxes matching the desired selection. Holding the mouse cursor over the box will reveal the maximum permissible wager.

Some of the terminology varies to what many are accustomed. The use the term “1 x 2” and “money line” where “head-to-head” would usually be found, but this difference is quickly assimilated.

The best way to describe the Pinnacle wagering platform is to say that it accomplishes its function, once the punter has gained familiarity.

Pinnacle Mobile Wagering

We will explore the Pinnacle mobile wagering applications separately, but we do want to say that like the website, it is functional once familiarity is gained. We do need to mention again that since Pinnacle is not licensed by Australia, in-play betting can be accomplished using the mobile apps.

Pinnacle Sports Markets

All the major sports codes are offered, but there are far fewer markets compared to the other services. For example, once you have found NRL and AFL markets after clicking on “football” rather than clearly labeled separate links, you will often find nothing other than line, head-to-head and points markets.

Forget about having a punt on who will score the first behind in the AFL Grand Final and other entertaining exotic markets. Fans of Australian domestic sports may find this mildly off-putting, so those wanting those markets will need to have one or more additional memberships with other bookies.

International sports are well covered, as would be expected. Soccer punters will find every league imaginable.

The live sports betting function of the site could stand an upgrade. It requires refreshing the page to view updated odds. Neither does Pinnacle offer live video feeds of in-play markets.

For reasons we have yet to fathom, Pinnacle does not offer racing codes.

Nerdy punters, sorry, techno-savvy punters will appreciate the ability to access a spreadsheet function in order to devise their own applications to monitor the latest odds.

Other Pinnacle Claims to Fame

Pinnacle touts the claim that they have the highest maximum betting limits and the highest payouts. Payouts vary according to sport and are disclosed when odds are viewed.

They also permit arbitrage betting.

Their other major claim is that they do not restrict or ban punters who win, as many other bookmakers indeed do.

Pinnacle Pros

Pinnacle enjoys a positive reputation, something that cannot be disregarded. The best odds in the industry is another positive. They have an extensive selection of funding and withdrawal options and have an Australian bank account, allowing punters to avoid international money exchange banking fee. The bare-bones margins certainly appeal to the budget conscious.

Pinnacle Cons

The website is just a bit clunky for Australian punters accustomed to the slick interfaces of the likes of Ladbrokes, Sportsbet, and so on. We have occasionally encountered slow website response, which could be detrimental to live betting. The lack or racing markets of any kind is a baffling omission.


With the best odds and lowest margins of any bookmaker, punters who routinely place a lot of wagers should consider joining Pinnacle. The highest turnover requirement of any of the bookmakers we have examined might influence the casual weekend punter to seek the more friendly confines of one or more of the Australian online bookmakers. It will be interesting to observe what changes Pinnacle makes, if any, in order to gain further penetration into the lucrative Australian wagering market and the only thing we can say on that score is that change is a constant in the online wagering industry.

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