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SportChamps - Over 500 Weekly Tournaments

Just recently, we were having a look at a newish bookmaker named PointsBet and lamenting the fact that we could not thing of a single bookmaker that offered punters an opportunity to practice without risking actual money. Join SportChamps Tournament Betting

More recently still, someone graciously pointed us to, where we learned that this relatively recent entry to the Australian online wagering scene.


Here is a look at the ins and outs of, provided for the enlightenment of bettors who can use the information to decide if a membership with this bookie is something they would like to pursue.

SportChamps Origins

Like most of the other online bookmakers, SportChamps is licensed and regulated by the Government of Australia’s Northern Territory. It was inaugurated in the latter days of 2017, which makes historical information concerning the operation scanty, but we were pleased to find that it was established by Alan Eskander, who up until he sold it to Ladbrokes in 2014, was the driving force behind Betstar. SportChamps’ office is in Melbourne.

Using SportChamps

Moving beyond the free competitions, here is a summary of how SportChamps functions.

1. Punters select a tournament in which to participate. Our visit to the SportChamps website took us to what the agency refers to as is Tournament Betting Lobby. On that page, we found an efficiently designed page that gave us seven options, labeled, All, Racing, Next To Go, Free, AFL, NRL and Soccer.

Randomly selecting Racing, we discovered 14 current tournaments, each with the option of entering to compete against a pool of others, or creating a private tournament limited to the number of punters desired by the person creating the tournament.

There was one tournament for trotters, eight for horses and five for greyhounds. The various tournaments have different numbers of maximum participants, ranging from a low of 40 to a high of 200.

Another column showed the available prize pool for each tournament, which for racing ranged from $50 to $500. Next came the welcome news that many of the racing tournaments could be entered for the paltry sum of $2 to $50, with the more expensive tournaments offering the bigger prize pools.

Another feature we discovered on this section was the length of time remaining to join a tournament, the number of participants permitted and the number of punters who had already entered.

We clicked on the AFL tab next. At first, we did not think that the new page was loading, when in point of fact; it was so fast as to be instantaneous.

We found five tournaments, two for the upcoming fixture between Port and Western Bulldogs, one for the entire Round 13, a free competition for the Power v the Dogs and one for the entire 2018 AFL season.

Finally, since it is the advent of the FIFA 2018 World Cup Finals, we clicked on the Soccer tab. Featured there was a tournament that would accept up to 500 players, with a prize pool of $5,000 and an entry fee of $10 for the Socceroos first match with France.

By paying an entry fee, punters are awarded virtual currency called ChampCash. Winners are determined by the profit achieved from various punts, with final placing determining the amount won.

Most of the tournaments pay out to multiple places, according to such criteria as top percentage; where anywhere from the top 25 to top 40 percent will receive some prizemoney from the pool. In other tournaments, 45 percent of the participants will earn double their entry fee as their payout and finally, some tournaments are winner-take-all, where the top finisher will take all the money, less SportChamps’ commission. Join SportChamps Tournament Betting

SportChamps Features

SportChamps accepts Visa, MasterCard and bank transfer as deposit options and accounts can be funded for as little as $1. Withdrawals must be of at least $10, but as they seem limited to bank transfer and a bank may charge a fee for the service, it would seem as though the advice here is to withdraw only when the withdrawal will exceed the fee by an adequate margin.

Something we found highly refreshing is that there is a low 1x turnover requirement prior to the processing of a withdrawal request.

All the innovation and originality of SportChamps does come with a hefty fee associated. The agency will take a fee of 12.5 percent, which is perhaps the only negative aspect of the operation that we found.

Wagering Platforms

It took several minutes to get the hang of things, but the SportChamps website is one of the best we have seen. The primary website automatically tailors the layout of the web pages to adapt to the size of the screen of the device being used. Android and Iphone apps are available, but many may opt to simply use the main website.

Like most other bookmakers, SportChamps uses the three-column arrangement with a navigation menu on the left, competitions and markets in the main centre column and punters’ activity on the right column.


Racing tournaments offer win, place and various exotics. Sporting events typically offer more than 30 markets per game.

Account Fees

SportChamps fails in this regard. Accounts left dormant for more than 18 months will incur a fee of $10 per month, which will be in effect as long as the account remains inactive or the account balance reaches $0.

This should be a non-issue for everyone, as it is much more fun to simply lose the money punting than it is to have it involuntarily removed.


We truly enjoyed the time we spent on the well-designed website and will look at in the future. We also liked the fact that new members were provided with five free entries into rookie’s only tournaments.

The negatives are the dormant account fees, the 12.5 percent fee SportChamps charges and a somewhat limited range of deposit and withdrawal options.

SportChamps is growing rapidly, so it might be prudent to say that they are onto something and they offer as much as $300,000 in monthly payouts.

At some point, we would like to see SportChamps offer standard sports betting, but in the constantly changing world of online bookmaking, we would have to conclude that it is simply a matter of time and client demand.

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