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Sportsbet Mobile App Review

If you had a time machine, would you use it to visit the future, and then come back armed with historical information about the outcomes of races and sporting events in order to make wagers that you knew were sure to pay off? Join Sportsbet Here

For that matter, can anyone really be sure that someone is not already doing that exact thing? Does one of your mates down at the boozer seem to have a degree of success that far transcends mere luck? Maybe that bloke has been to the future. You could always ask him to share some of his intel with you, or offer to buy him a coldie in exchange for the loan of his time machine. Did you even notice his knack for picking the longshots?

Does he seem to deliberately lose some minor punts in order to deflect suspicion? That tactic was used by the Allies in World War II when they succeeded in developing a rudimentary computer to decipher messages encoded by the Germans using the infamous Enigma machine.

The Allies selectively chose which intelligence to act upon and which to deliberately ignore so as not to tip the Nazis that their codes had been compromised. Ask you mate if he has seen the film, “The Imitation Game.” If he answers yes, then the odds that he has indeed traveled to the future and returned with the historical data on all the races and sports are good.

Sportsbet Mobile app In that film, a brilliant mathematician named Alan Turing developed a laughably powerless, by today’s standards at least, computer that succeeded in providing the Allies with advance warning of Nazi intentions.

Now, according to a modern-day scientific genius, Stephen Hawking, time travel is impossible. He poses the question, “If time travel were possible, where are all the tourists from the future?” He may be saying this to allay suspicion that he has a time machine and has armed himself of the exact date on which St. Kilda beats Hawthorn at astronomical odds, in much the same manner as the Allies covered up their ability to decode German messages.

The reason for mentioning Alan Turing and his primitive computer is to lead up to the subject of the vast power of today’s computers, specifically that computer that is so vastly more capable than Alan Turing’s creation that it is beyond our ability to form an adequate analogy by which to compare the two. The only thing that comes to mind is a comparison of the discovery of fire compared to the modern thermonuclear weapon. Perhaps not beyond our ability after all.

Specifically, we are leading up to the subject of smartphones and the applications that have made them an indispensable feature of modern, every-day life.

“Bugger,” you might be saying or thinking, “Not another online review of a mobile time traveling app for iPhone and Android devices. I’ve already read them all, several times in fact, due to the paradoxical nature of time travel.” Join Sportsbet Here

Actually, we are intending to review another type of app, those used for online wagering. The one that we have in mind does not have a function where you can ask Google for race and sports results ahead of time. That may be coming, but for now, we want to point out some of the fine features and functionality that make the mobile wagering app of the Sportsbet agency so pleasant and effective.

Key Features

Has all the essential requirements for tracking all the events of the three racing codes, with their combined total of thousands of markets, easily, without requiring a degree in computer science - Sign Up Here

Sportsbet, a favourite of the online punting crowd as the result of their website wagering platform, has backed that success with a wildly popular mobile version that claims hundreds of thousands of fans. From the moment you tap the Sportsbet icon to launch it, until you have your wager on, and then collect your money, there is nothing to dislike about the setup of the racing section.

All of Sportsbet’s racing bet types are easily accessed, leaving you with the assurance that your correct selections will pay the highest possible dividend. Multibets and exotics can be constructed with ease, even if you are relatively new to the smartphone world and the mobile punting environment.

Vast assortment of funding and collection options

Sportsbet leads the pack by offering the convenience and security of PayPal funding and payout, along with nearly a dozen other methods.

12-leg multis on sports and five-leg multis on racing

The app guides you through this process from the start of building a multi, right through submitting the final product, and then tracks the ongoing results, providing updates as soon as a an event concludes.

Form and tipping for racing and sports
Live betting and live streaming of horse racing
Live chat to assist with any questions or concerns


The Sportsbet app functions so well that it could soon replace your desktop or laptop computer for all your punting efforts. It is fast to load, is quite visually stimulating without being cluttered, and undergoes constant upgrading to make sure all the content is up to the moment, and also that the app functions without be a resource hog or battery killer.

The colour scheme is very lively compared to some of the other bookmaker’s apps, and you will appreciate the contrast this provides and the assistance it renders when it comes down to tapping your intended target. Since most punters utilising smart phones frequently have limited time during spare moments, the app takes you straight to a screen showing the next six races to jump and the next six sports markets to kick off.

Overall, the feel of the app is very similar to the website, so if you use the main wagering platform of Sportsbet, switching to the mobile version will be as automatic as can be.

There really is nothing to dislike about the Sportsbet mobile app. Every market can be found and evaluated in less than a minute. All you need to do is decide betwixt racing and sports, and then tap away until you find the exact market in no time flat.

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