Sportsbetting Review Review

The betting landscape in Australia is quite different now than it was when SportsBetting first started showing up on punters’ computers back in 1998. Join Sportsbetting Now

Something that made SportsBetting unique was that they did not resort to gimmicks to lure new customers. The Australian government has caught up with them in the sense that online bookies can no longer use sign-up bonuses to lure new clients, when all along, the populations of most states were excluded from actually qualifying for the bonuses.

That tiny segment of the population who was eligible for sign-up bonuses then had to navigate a labyrinth of terms and conditions that essentially, rendered sign-up bonuses useless.

SportsBetting took a simpler route and attempted to attract and retain clients with high levels of customer service and good odds for all the important sports and racing codes.

Like many of the Australian online bookmakers, SportsBetting is licensed by the Norther Territory.

New ownership came along in 2017 and gave the operation a bit of a freshen, the result being a clean and intuitive website that focused on the markets their experience told them were the markets punters wanted. Website

The main page is obtained by typing into a browser address bar. Join Sportsbetting Now

What greeted us when we visited the site was a refreshing web page lacking the crowded sensation some of the bookies supply, free of all the scrolling slideshows that demand attention, yet offer little in return.

The main page simply had tabs and links for joining, promotions, banking, products, betting rules, mobile betting, responsible gambling and methods of getting in touch with the agency.

The presence of a Banking tab right on the main page was a Eureka! moment. So many bookies bury this information at the bottom of their pages and it is not uncommon to see some of them fail to mention all the options. We will cover this aspect of SportsBetting further on.

The betting interface is the expected three-column arrangement that everyone finds with most of the bookies, so someone coming over from another agency will be right at home. For total beginners, the three-column layout is simple and intuitive. Since selecting a sport or racing code comes first, followed by selecting a market and only then opens a bet slip seeking a stake amount an a bet submission, no one need worry excessively about placing an unintended wager.

We truly appreciated how SportsBetting used contrasting colours in their odds tables to simplify staying on the right line. The colour scheme is a classy orange/peach colour with light grey, a copious amount of white and predominantly black text in an easy-to-read font.

We give SportsBetting high marks for the wagering interface, which more and more is becoming our primary criterion for bookmaker selection.

Betting Odds and Markets

SportsBetting rather boldly trumpets that they eschew gimmicks and simply offer great odds.

Objectively, we admit we cannot research every market and compare the prices of every bookmaker. When we did compare some odds, we found what we have come to expect, which is that SportsBetting is right in line with the other corporate bookmakers.

We have been reviewing bookies for years and we seldom see any wide disparity in odds. We often see a huge difference in the number of markets offered per fixture, but SportsBetting has fixed odds as its focus, so we were not disappointed to see fewer markets than, for example, Ladbrokes or Neds.

At any rate, the vast majority of punters will never go much deeper than head-to-head and line betting for sports. For racing, SportsBetting has all the bet types necessary, so racing punters will never have to be concerned about a big differential between SportsBetting’s quotes and the TABs.

For a quick comparison, we chose an NBA playoff fixture, the next Group 1 Thoroughbred race during the month of April and one AFL fixture.

SportsBetting was quoting Golden State at $1.08 to $8.40 for the Clippers. Neds had it $1.07 Warriors, $9 Clippers. Ladbrokes had Warriors $1.09, Clippers $8.25. A two-cent differential on the favourite is negligible and hardly worth consideration. If you find Neds $9 on the Clippers a bargain, well, a $100 punt will get you $900, as opposed to the $840 from SportsBetting and the $825 from Ladbrokes. For a range of $75 from high to low, this did not seem to be a punt worth having.

As we are writing this, we are just under a week away from the Group 1 All Aged Stakes at Randwick. The final field has yet to be declared or the barriers drawn, but this is what we found.

SportsBetting had yet to post markets with the race just three-and-a-half days off. Neds had Osborne Bulls as the $3.60 favourite, identical to Ladbrokes. We would not be surprised in the least to see that same price when SportsBetting opens its markets.

Finally, we picked the Brisbane Lions versus the Collingwood Magpies for Round 5, as that game seems like the tightest of the round. SportsBetting had it Pies $1.54, Lions $2.44 with a 9.5 line. Neds had it $1.55/$2.40, same spread and Ladbrokes had Collingwood $1.55, Brisbane $2.40 with 9.5 points.

We could continue with every bookie, but you probably get the picture. Join Sportsbetting Now

Sportsbetting Bookmaker

Mobile Betting

A bookie that did not have this would soon be an ex-bookie.

SportsBetting has mobile apps for Apple and Android. The mobile version of the website was our choice and it closely mimicked the desktop version. It was nicely arranged, such that we had no worries about tapping the wrong item. Promotions

SportsBetting did not offer a lot in this regard, staying with their no frills approach.

A loyalty program offered a two percent refund on anything wagered on racing.

Funding and Withdrawals

There are an adequate number of funding methods. SportsBetting takes debit and credit cards, POLi, direct deposit to a SportsBetting bank account and BPay with a $50 minimum.

Punters who use debit and credit cards for funding can have those accounts credited with winnings. A direct withdrawal to a punter bank account is the other option.

Contacting SportsBetting

The agency can be reached by phone, email and live chat.

We found a section explaining how to wager on various sports and racing quite useful.

We found no mention of live betting and until Australia enables live online betting, we do not really care that SportsBetting does not offer it, or if they do, it is a well-kept secret.


We liked the website. The claim of exceptional odds-we found wanting. The odds are competitive, at least for the primary codes. Mobile betting is completely adequate.

The length of time SportsBetting has been around is something we find reassuring and we have no qualms about recommending this agency to new and experienced punters as either a sole provider or as part of an array of bookmakers. Join Sportsbetting Now