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Stathi Katsidis Jockey

Stathi Katsidis Last Season Would Be Considered His Best Ever

Stathi Katsidis represent the human part of the equation of a racing life cut short by an unintended reaction to drugs, the major difference being that in a case such as that represented by the tragic demise of mare Pinker Pinker, the jockey had a say in the decision.

In his abbreviated career, Katsidis showed the talent to find himself under consideration as one of Australia’s all-time great jockeys.

Stathi Katsidis Jockey: Australian Jockey

He showed high levels of talent and determination at a young age and was quite good at his chosen profession.

Illicit Drugs

It was not his first run-in with the illicit drugs that would account for his death.

His brother, champion boxer Michael Katsidis, had seen him through an earlier difficult period. No criticism is intended, and Stathi Katsidis was not the first to deal with the fame and adulation of racing fans in a detrimental fashion.

At the time of Stathi Katsidis death, he was involved with Melissa Jackson.

Death Stuns The Racing Worlds

He also had a four-year-old son named Brooklyn. He was but 31 years of age at the time of his death, an event that stunned the racing world.

Stathi Katsidis was found in partner Melissa Jackson’s house in Brisbane, dead of an overdose of drugs and alcohol, according to the autopsy report. According to the Brisbane police, it did not seem that Katsidis’s death was the result of suicide or foul play.

He was due to ride Shoot Out in the 2010 Cox Plate just four days hence from his 19 October death.

Last Year His Best By Far

As a rider, his last season would have had to be considered his best.

Stathi Katsidis had ridden 175 winners en route to a share of the Brisbane Jockeys’ Premiership. His partnership with Shoot Out had also produced a win in the prestigious Australian Turf Club Derby, and his record and strike rate place him squarely amongst the top ranks.

As mentioned previous, this was not his first encounter with illegal drugs. He was suspended for nine months in 2008 for testing positive for the use and found to be in possession of the hallucinogen Ecstasy. He also had a run in with police in his hometown of Toowoomba where he was cited for drunk driving, losing his driving privileges for six months.

Nice Guy

Despite his personal problems, he was highly regarded by the racing fraternity, considered an “A1 Bloke,” and an “A1 jockey and an A1 family man.”

He had always exhibited a quiet persona at the track, never was considered outspoken and the fact that he was so young was a major cause of the shock that was felt by his peers and associates in the racing establishment.

Some of the chief accomplishments in his short career included numerous Group 1 wins between 2000 and 2010. He was also the winner of the Brisbane Premiership for the 2003-2004 season, a feat he repeated in 2005-06, and then shared with Larry Cassidy in 2009-10.

Stathi Katsidis Universally Liked And Admired.

The fact that he fell victim to an inability to properly deal with the notoriety that typically accompanies success on the turf does not diminish his contributions to racing in any way, and it is fervently hoped that anyone who finds themselves following a similar arc will seek out the resources available to prevent a repeat occurrence.