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TAB - TAB Corporation Giant

You can’t be remotely interested in sportsbook in Australia without being at least familiar with the name TAB. Join TAB Today

The omnipresent TAB betting outlets throughout the country have been joined by TAB’s online presence to allow 24/7 betting for its customers.

With the high tech advanced mobile app, there are a lot of online punter advantages with this grandfather of national betting chains and the largest bookmaker in Australia.

A Bit Of TAB History

TAB, which stands for Totaliser Agency Board, has been in business since the 1960s, back in the day when the totaliser machine was revolutionising sports betting.

Prior to the totaliser, which is now computerised, bets were primarily fixed. Now, totaliser bets are the norm, constantly updating the odds and returns based on the pool of bettors.

TAB originally started as a group of state-managed agencies, but those agencies, with the exception of Western Australia, privatised, allowing the new conglomerate to grow and take over UBet.

Now, TAB is the King Kong of Australian betting, owned by Tabcorp Holdings, which operates multiple gaming enterprises. TAB is listed on the ASX, which sometimes means profits are passed on to shareholders rather than customers. But TAB’s longevity and stability can’t be beat, and it’s poured much of that into its relatively new online gaming site

TAB Online Betting Basics offers odds on Australian races and other sporting events, as well as overseas action for a wide range of markets.

The website is seamlessly connected with the brick-and-mortar retail outlets, meaning you can place a bet online and cash out at one of the shops, or vice versa. This is a nice convenience for bettors on the go.

There is also a rewards system for serious punters. You can earn points with every bet placed. Members can then utilise those points to place more bets or redeem them for event tickets, gift cards, and household items like small appliances.

It’s fairly easy to find what you want on the homepage. You can click along the top to go to pages for racing and various sports. The next upcoming handful of races are displayed just below in case you want to catch the latest action at racecourses around the world.

A search bar at the very top of the homepage allows users to seek out events by jockey, trainer, horse, match, and other criteria, which is ideal if you enjoy following a certain stable or home football team. permits both fixed and tote (totaliser) bets. They do have slightly higher margins for some of their products, which can result in reduced odds for customers, but the variety and ease of betting make up of it.

TAB makes it ridiculously easy for users to place bets. Like other online betting sites, you can use a credit card, BPay, or electronic funds transfer (EFT) to make deposits on But because TAB also has its shops all across the country, you can use a cheque or money order, the Australia Post Bank, or cash at one of TAB’s nearly 3,000 locations.

Withdrawing winnings is equally simple. In addition to in-person cash outs at TAB physical locations, you can withdraw funds online by EFT or request a cheque or money order through

You’ll need $20 for a minimum deposit using BPay or a credit card on, but there is no minimum with other methods of deposit. Minimum bets and minimum withdrawals are both $1, with the exception of wagers made via telephone, which require at least $10 down.

Because of its global reach, accepts the following currencies: AUD, USD, EUR, GPB, JPY, and HKD. The site offers betting in English, Spanish, and Japanese, as well as in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese. Join TAB Today For Racing

Racing aficionados, in particular, enjoy betting with The site is extremely detailed in the information it provides. Even if you’re caught without a form, you can make educated bets.

The racing schedule on denotes the type of race in question by an icon. You can bet on Thoroughbred racing under saddle, trotting harness racing, and greyhound dog racing. The time of the race’s start is noted, as well as the name of the racecourse and its country, the length of the course, and the speed of the current going.

In addition to conventional bets (win, place, show), you can also make exotic wagers, including exacta, quinella, trifecta first four, early and late quaddie, and Big Six. TAB is also one of the few places where you can make multi-leg bets. Also known as “accumulators,” “parlays” or “all ups,” multi-leg bets involve multiple events or races rolled into one bet, with various legs. provides live streaming of all Australian races over three Sky Racing channels, so you’ll never miss a single race. International races are often streamed on Sky Racing 2, although viewers report occasional time lags in contrast to the excellent quality of national races.

Another reason racing punters like is that because TAB is the largest betting organisation in Australia, there are frequently large pools for exotic bets, especially when the totaliser pool is carried over due to no winner in the previous race. TAB is usually also the first to post odds across many markets.

Betting Sports With

Of course, offers more than racing action. You can follow and bet on football, rugby, tennis, and golf, with AFL, JLT, NRL, Norm Smith, and Ryder Cup events.

Major non-racing sports events are displayed towards the bottom of the homepage. You can bet on the line, using the house margin, or go head to head by backing your favourite athletes.

Free streaming of all AFL games is offered to members, and replays are typically available for top events.

Using The TAB App

If you’re not at your computer at post time or kick off, fear not. now has an app for mobile devices so you can bet on the fly. The app is available for both Android and Apple (iOS) devices and is a free download.

For extra security, the TAB app allows two methods of login identification, using a PIN or fingerprint, so no unauthorized users can make bets on your account should your phone be lost.

The same live streaming that’s available via on your computer is accessible through the app. The app homepage features the same search function as the website. To make it even easier to find events, the homepage main screen separates them into “Racing” and “Sport.”

Wrap Up

With sports betting becoming more and more of an international, global experience, it was only natural that eventually, as Australia’s largest bookmaker, TAB would join the 21st Century.

While it took a while to grow and fine tune both the website and app, users now generally report satisfaction with both.

If anything, the website may be a bit overwhelming at first with so much to offer. New members are recommended to take their time and browse through the site to familiarise themselves with it, especially before a major event.


Particularly with totaliser bets, users want to have the ability to place wagers at the last possible minute as the odds can change until just before the event.

You don't want to find yourself unable to navigate to the race you want or miss any incredible football goals because you're fiddling around with the various site menus. 

TAB offers superior customer service for both the website and the app via email and phone. You can also follow TAB’s event updates and announcements through their social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

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