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Tom Waterhouse is now William Hill. His site has now been decommissioned since his merger with William Hill.

Mobile App Review: Many mobile betting application reviews concentrate on the aspect of the rapid nature of “betting on the go.” Join Tom Waterhouse Here

Whilst that aspect of convenience and the ability to locate markets and place wagers anytime one has a spare moment is certainly valuable, it is just as true that the mobile-friendly websites and smartphone operating system specific applications are so competent that the majority of punters will find them more than adequate to completely take over all aspects of the online wagering process.

This is high praise indeed, because the primary websites of all the online bookmakers represent some of the finest websites that will be found on the Internet. In terms of speed and reliability, online bookmakers have assembled landing pages and associated content that rivals even the major brokerage concerns.

In order to stay even with the competition, the mobile websites and platforms are updated on an ongoing basis as app developers take something already top notch and do everything that their considerable talents permit to make continuous improvements.

Tom Waterhouse mobile appOne bookmaker that has gone to great lengths to stay even or edge a head in front of the others is Tom Waterhouse. Based on the family history and the reputation that started when William “Big Bill” Waterhouse first made his appearance at the rails, carrying on for his dad, the Waterhouse name has been synonymous with thoroughbred racing. Robbie Waterhouse carried the tradition along, going so far as to marry the daughter of one of the greatest thoroughbred trainers of all time, T.J. Smith. Bill and son also gained notoriety and later legendary status for their participation, or according to them, lack of participation, in the Fine Cotton affair.

Young Tom Waterhouse, standing on their shoulders, was the family member who moved the business operation onto the Internet and expanded the offerings, whilst still maintaining the fearless Waterhouse attitude exemplified by his motto, “Any bet, anytime.”

Here is a bit of an examination of the mobile wagering offering of this bookmaker.

Key Features

The Waterhouse operation is one of the more aggressive in terms of offering punters the ability to survive mistakes and to accommodate certain elements that are beyond control. Join Tom Waterhouse Here

First Past The Post Feature

The payouts on successful wagers happen instantaneously on racing punts. If the horse you backed wins, so do you. Granted, the number of decisions reversed due to a protest is relatively small, but Tom Waterhouse realises that nothing leaves so bitter a taste in one’s mouth than thinking that a dividend was coming, only to have it stripped away due a bump or some other infraction that took place, sometimes in the first couple of furlongs. Tom Waterhouse has removed that possibility and assumed the risk with their First Past the Post feature.

Complete Banking Functions

Any of the accounting features offered by the website wagering platform can be performed using the mobile application. This includes checking balances, adding or withdrawing funds via any of the various methods available, and any of the other administrative tasks.

Complete Sportsbook

Yes, horse racing is the focus of the Tom Waterhouse operation, as would be expected, not only from the perspective of whom it is we are discussing, but also from that of the fact that, for example, there are hundreds of thoroughbred, trots and dog races every week, compared to say, nine AFL games. Waterhouse does offer plenty of markets for the AFL, no matter if you want to pick a match winner or have a bit of a lark and have a punt of a first goal scorer, or something along those lines. Rugby and soccer also receive more than adequate attention, as does the huge U.S. sports market.

Top Fluc In Races

This is a rather unique feature that again demonstrates the aggressive attitude of the operation. Tom Waterhouse made quite a splash when this feature made its debut, and they are still one of the few to put that little bit extra on the line.

Popular Racing Products

Just as on the main website wagering platform, racing punters have full access to some of the many bet types that ensure maximum payouts for successful wagers. These include Best Tote, Tom’s Odds – where the agency tries to outdo the odds of the other bookmakers, and flexi-betting.


Internet wagering, which first started showing up in the late 90s, had some growing pains. Mobile wagering, on the other hand, seemingly sprang to life fully mature, and the Tom Waterhouse mobile application is no exception. Our impression is that it has a very professional appearance that make good use of the familiar Waterhouse aqua blue, black and white colour scheme. The bet slip is a pure pleasure, with its simple and concise layout that supplies all the pertinent details at a glance.

Part of this screen shows pending selections, where entering a wager amount immediately shows the potential winnings. A tap on one of two red circles at, the top of the wager field and at the bottom, immediately removes one or all wagers from the slip. A large bar just beneath that field with a plus sign and large text requires one tap to add another wager to the bet slip and beneath that is a clearly contrasted box that shows the total wagered, alongside a tan box that when tapped, and confirms any and all wagers.

There is plenty of information, which along with being highly entertaining, is also capable of helping punters to make a decision when they are leaning in one direction, but not entirely sure which way to plunge. Of course, there is a screen devoted to the next five races to jump, and another that shows popular sports markets.

Anyone still in search of in-depth information has a button to tap that will take them to the full version of the mobile website, which essentially replicates the website platform.

It is obvious that Tom Waterhouse has spared no expense in developing their mobile offerings. Combined with the marketing savvy that has helped young Tom and his organisation to occupy one of the top rungs of the online bookmaker realm, only the most persnickety punter would be able to find anything to which to object where this agency and its mobile offerings are concerned.

With ongoing promotions to keep things interesting, and a dedication bordering on obsession with keeping the agency and the wagering platforms state-of-the-art, it is small wonder that Tom Waterhouse is a household name throughout Australia.

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