Ubet Bookmaker Review

Ubet.com review

Ubet.Com Bookmaker Review

UBET.Com is the resulting of a rebranding of Tatt’s, with a refreshed wagering interface, more markets and a wagering experience similar to that supplied by the privateers. Privateers in the sense of private businesses, not in the sense of pirates, although that distinction may be difficult to discern to those of us punters who are accustomed to seeing sure things evaporate in the blink on an eye. Join UBET

UBET is the government run wagering agency for the TABS of Queensland, Tasmania, Northern Territory and South Australia.

The good news in this regard, is that unlike the private agencies, most of which derive their operating authority from the government of Northern Territory, with UBET.Com, far more punters can actually participate in the sign-up bonuses that bookmakers offer to attract new clientele.

When innovative technologies arise, it is quite common for entrepreneurs to quickly seize the opportunity to create a way to generate revenue from the latest and greatest thing.

When the internet sprang from the minds of scientists looking for a way to share data between computers, it was a short leap for companies that supply entertainment to grasp the potential. Once the fledgling internet gained a solid toehold, it was seemingly overnight that bookmakers discovered an efficient way to reach punters in numbers previously unimaginable.

In Australia, where the enlightened minds of the time accepted bookmaking and wagering, so long as the government could get a slice of the revenue pie, the government, long the holders of the keys to punters wallets, allowed the corporate bookmakers to do what only private business can do, which is to innovate and develop efficiencies in ways that government bureaucracies sometimes find difficult.

Australia gave rise to a slew of domestic wagering agencies that operated alongside the auspices of the Australian government, resulting in beneficial completion.

Next followed a round of consolidation, where the big multinational bookies gained access to the lucrative Australian gaming markets via the acquisition route.

Now, things have sort of come full circle and the government is emulating private enterprise and updating its offerings to the punting public in a way that would have seemed inconceivable ten years ago.

Ubet Review

UBET.Com Wagering Platforms

We wanted to have a look at the Ubet wagering platforms for our desktops and our Android mobile phone.

The first thing we discovered was that on both platforms, you are immediately confronted with an annoyingly distracting scroll, such that we are totally inclined to proclaim bugger on UBET, but they are not the only agency that feels the need for this nonsense and we have devoted more than adequate time to our ranting over this element of modern life, so we will move on.

Suffice it to say that as soon as you get away from the main page, the scroll goes away, much to our unmitigated relief. From that point on, the wagering interface on the website and the mobile app is actually quite well laid out.

On our big desktop monitor, there was no squinting required from our old eyes and the colour scheme is downright serenity in subdued shades of green, gray and white, with a bit of other colours thrown in, such as team logos, racing colours, etc.

The bottom of the mobile screen has five simple tabs: Home, Sports, Racing, Account and Bet Slip. We took a glance on the mobile app at round 10 of the AFL and found it quite simple to navigate.

Bookie Bonus Bets can no longer be advertised.

One thing we immediately noticed was that for AFL games, UBET had only 46 markets, about 1/5th of the number that typically greets punters using one of the private corporate agencies. We will leave it to you to decide if 46 markets for an AFL game are adequate. Our opinion is that 46 are enough.

The size of the tabs for selecting markets is adequate even for the ham-handed amongst us. The pages load quickly and adding a bet to the bet slip is easy and straightforward. We did not have to squint in order to see what we were doing, but we wonder what would happen with the subtle colors on the screen if we were in bright sunlight. Selections turn green and the icon for the betting slip at the bottom of the page immediately updates to indicate the number of selections added to the slip.

Our overall impression of the UBET mobile app and the main website are that they are completely adequate for the intended purpose.

Other UBET Features

Bonus Bets can no longer be viewed.

It was not easy to find information on UBET’s sites about funding accounts. We did learn that it could be done by scanning a credit card with a phone’s camera. Since it is hard to imagine a bookie, regardless of whether private industry or government run, making it hard to fund an account, but it would seem that in order to find the acceptable funding methods, registration for an account is required.

We did a random sampling of UBET odds and found nothing seriously amiss. In many instances, we found odds markets identical to the corporates and in other instances, we found some variance, but nothing outlandish, just the sort of thing one might expect.

Tatt’s account holders can access UBET with the same credentials.

UBET does support live betting, but as anyone knows, it is still necessary to place a call to get a live bet on, unless someone wants to go the route of the international bookmakers that pay no heed to Australian government regulations pertaining to live betting.

There are adequate sections on UBET devoted to analysis and tipping, so expert advice is readily available for those who want someone else to blame for their losses.

Ubet.com Review

Something that some punters will surely appreciate is that UBET has approximately 1400 stand-alone retail outlets.

UBET has audio and video streaming of events available, which is almost a necessity these days.

Since they hold TAB licenses, they can offer pari-mutuel betting for those who care to get a bit more sophisticated.

There is an adequate supply of bet types for local and international racing codes. Standard tote and fixed price are available on all racing events.


UBET.Com has invested time, money and expertise into the Tatt’s re-brand. They have made a successful transition from the stodgy government offerings of the past and have come up with a product that, for the most part, competes with any betting agency out there.