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Unibet Mobile App Review: Short of the day when humans have computers implanted in their bodies, powered by the same biological processes that supply power to the muscles and organs, the smartphone has seemingly moved humanity one step closer to that eventuality. Join Unibet

Weighing in at around 140 grams, more or less, depending on make and model, almost anyone on earth can communicate with anyone else in a matter of seconds.

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A punter in the United States could contact his tipping service in, let us say Adelaide, and know which team to back in an NFL or NBA contest, or any other sport, depending on the season. That punter could then contact his Sportsbook agency in Las Vegas, line up his punts, and then go enjoy some of the other benefits available courtesy of his smartphone.

Later, when that punter realized the huge dividend from having followed his tipping service’s advice to back the Colorado Rockies to sweep the World Series, or the St. Kilda Saints to take the premiership over Hawthorn in the Grand Final, at incalculable odds, he could send his tipster in Adelaide the commission earned, instantly, even if the tipster had gone on a brief sojourn to the MCG to personally see St. Kilda wrest the premiership from Hawthorn in the AFL Grand Final.

The only aspects of this scenario that are somewhat far-fetched involve the Colorado Rockies playing in the World Series or the Saints getting into the Grand Final, let alone defeating the Hawks. The aspects involving receiving the tips, placing the wagers, and giving the devil his due are exceedingly commonplace, so much so that it is easy to discount the staggering power of the technology that made it all possible.

Now, if you are the sort of Australian punter who is forced to scratch his head at the mere mention of the Colorado Rockies, not knowing that it is a baseball team, in addition to being a mountain range, your confusion could have instantly been alleviated by opening one of the mobile wagering apps that you Aussies have at your disposal. There are more than a few good ones, in fact, the Aussie bookmakers alone have some of the best, and at the moment, we want to provide a quick look at the offerings of Unibet.

Key Features

Unibet has taken the unique approach of building a series of mini-apps, or applets, each of which focus on different areas. One is title Soccer Livescore, which permits you to receive the latest updates on any of the matches in progress. This is handy, because Unibet will have markets spanning every time zone in the world, so if you want to know the outcome of a match in Europe first thing after you get up in the morning, or last thing at night before turning in, you can get the latest information with a little bit of tapping and swiping. The Tennis Livescore app performs the same function for tennis markets.

Maybe handier still, the Sports TV Guide app will keep you up to date with information about events available for streaming over your devices, and since Unibet provides something in the neighbourhood of 10,000 live streams per year, it only takes a moment or two to tune in and watch or to see what is coming along.

All four of these apps function together to provide punters with all the racing and sports markets anyone could desire.

  • Streaming of U.S. sports, such as professional hockey and basketball.
  • Over 9,000 sports markets every week, along with the ability to place 12-leg multis.
  • Racing products include several ways to ensure superior dividends, such as Tote + 10%, Best Tote and Owners’ Bonus.
  • An east-to-use and intuitive interface.

Unibet’s mobile offerings function in a fashion very similar to mobile apps for other purposes, so it is possible to download and install the app and become competent manipulating it in under five minute’s time, especially if you have some familiarity with Unibet’s primary online wagering platform for larger screened devices.


The Unibet app, or any of the smaller applets in the entire suite of applications, focus on simplicity and speed. Their familiar green, white and black colour scheme shows well, even in bright light. Eliminating needless distractions, the homepage menu permits choosing Racing, Sports, or Live Betting with one tap. The bottom of the landing page provides all the necessary legalities and methods of contacting Unibet, should the need arise. Another clearly visible link takes you to the Live Sports page, where you can quickly scroll down the offerings.

Scrolling is kept to a minimum by keeping the menus located unobtrusively at the bottom of the screen, leaving more room for markets and odds in either portrait or landscape orientation.

Unibet has always had an excellent bet slip, and the mobile app is no exception.

The racing page is practically a work of art. A single tap on one of the three racing icons takes you to gallopers, trotters or dogs. From there, the venues are displayed, along with a handy timer that shows the time remaining until the jump.

Unibet also offers Casino and Poker apps in the event you need a spell from sports or racing.

Unibet deserves kudos for their approach to mobile wagering. Having a suite of smaller apps, rather than one all-encompassing mega-app provides consideration that some smartphone users may at time encounter device memory storage shortages, so being able to choose how to manage one’s resources is much appreciated.

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