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Unibet Streak

Unibet Streak - Monthly Tipping Competition - Big Cash Prizes

Unibet has introduced a new promotion geared toward punters who can string together winning punts. In broad strokes, the promotion is run on a monthly basis and is called Unibet Streak. Join Here

What will it take to win the top prize? Well, if you can do better than three in a row, you would easily top us. Perhaps Unibet could concoct a special promotion for us, one that pays bonuses based on the longest losing streak. We would be untouchable.

Here are some details on the Unibet Streak promotion, followed by some streak trivia from the world of sports.

Unibet Streak Details

As bookmaker promotions for the Aussie punting market go, Unibet Streak is simply and elegantly designed.

The main premise is to build the best possible streak of winning punts over the course of a month. There is a range of match-ups that qualify for the promotion, so punters who are strong in some area or areas, but maybe rely on sheer luck in others, will find it easy to find markets that lend themselves to streaks.

The Top Prize goes to the player with the longest streak. Pretty cut and dried, but there are some other intriguing twists.

Punters can build a group of their mates and play against each other. We would recommend finding the most daft possible, so our group would be a small one.

Kidding aside, the minimum group size is 10. Under the terms of the Unibet Streak promotion, the winner from the group will receive extra prizes above those awarded to the winner of the entire Unibet pool.

Along with the top prize for the punter with the longest streak of winning punts, the Unibet Streak promotion will also offer some secondary incentives in different categories. Unibet members can learn all the details by logging into their Unibet account and clicking on the convenient “Streak” link on the top banner.

Huddersfield Town A.F.C. (English Premier League)

This English footy team won 43 English Premier League games consecutively back in 2010 and 2011. The remarkable thing about that run is that is beat the previous record of 42 by just the one game before coming to an end with a 2 – 0 loss to Charlton. It should be noted that the streak was for games without defeat.

American Samoa (FIFA)

Now, this is a losing streak not even we could emulate. If anyone wonders why this small nation was the lowest ranked team in the FIFA system, it went winless for 17 years, losing 30 games before managing to beat Tonga 2 – 1 in late November of 2013.

Caltech Basketball Team (Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference)

Caltech is the place where brains are valued far beyond athletic prowess. If anyone is ever to come up with a way around Einstein’s limitations on interstellar travel, chances are good it will be someone from Caltech.

Too bad, they could not overcome the physics of basketball. They lost every game they played over a 26-year period before they beat the brains from Occidental, a private liberal arts college in Los Angeles.

Cal Ripken, Jr. (Major League Baseball)

Ripken became known as “The Iron Man” when he surpassed Lou Gehrig, “The Iron Horse,” for the record for most consecutive MLB games played. He ended the streak after playing 21 seasons for the Baltimore Orioles at 2,632 games. Had Unibet Streak been around at the time, punters who backed Ripken to play would have had a 252-month roll on.

Martina Navratilova (Professional Tennis)

Ripken simply had to show up for work every day for over two decades.

Navratilova’s 74- match winning streak was at risk every time she stepped on the court. She won at least one Grand Slam every year for 17 years, in either singles, doubles, or mixed doubles. When you stop to think about this streak, it is borderline insane.

Lance Armstrong (Professional Cycling)

Armstrong won the Tour de France seven times in a row, a record for both number of wins and number of wins in a row. Armstrong was eventually stripped of his titles when he admitted to using performance enhancing drugs, and they lying about it, so we will leave it up to you to decide if this was a winning streak or a loser of unprecedented magnitude.

Ready for some gambling winning streaks?

unibet.com.au Unibet Streak

Anonymous Gambler

According to William Hill, this unnamed punter was on a 26-bet winning streak. His or her name has remained undisclosed to keeps his or her mates from seeking tithes. He or she managed to turn £8,500 into £161,000. He or she went for the brass ring when he announced that he or she would back Novak Djokovic to beat Roger Federer in the semifinals of the 2011 French Open. It took four sets, but Federer prevailed, and the unnamed punter blew £120,000. Maybe reasons of shame are the reason he or she wanted to remain anonymous. The punter still retained a profit.

This punter was obviously not from Australia, as chances are good that his or her account would have been suspended long before 26 wins were recorded.

Some Other Impressive Streaks

Roger Federer made it as far as the semifinals of Grand Slam tournaments over a period of five-and-a-half years. Edwin Moses won 122 straight 400 m hurdles races, setting the world record four times in the process and winning two Olympic gold medals. That streak ran between 1977 and 1987. In the close-but-no-cigar record department, Tiger Woods tied Jack Nicklaus for the record of 39 consecutive cuts made in the Major championships. Woods reached 39 and seemed a lock to set a new mark until he missed the cut in the U.S. Open in 2006.

What will it take to claim the Top Prize in the Unibet Streak completion?

Hard to say precisely. A blind guess would seem to indicate one win per day might do the trick, but it is just as likely that another Unibet client might run into a streak of good fortune and set the bar much higher.

Would the logical route be to find markets with short odds? Upsets are one of the things that makes sports and racing punts so entertaining.

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