The Wildest Fans of the 2018 World Cup

World Cup 2018 Crazy Fans

World Cup 2018 Crazy Fans

The players are the ones we remember but it's the fans that make the World Cup truly special. The people in the stadium, the Fan Zones and gatherings around the world to cheer on their team all add to the tapestry that is the FIFA World Cup.

Some fans stand out because they're just that little bit louder, more passionate and more creative with the way they follow their teams. Here are some of our favourite fans in the world.

1. Brazil

The Brazilians will be out in force, even in Russia, and they'll bring their own particular outlook on life with them. The Brazilians love to dance. They're the life and soul of the party and they have a natural rhythm.

Their European counterparts can only watch and applaud the Brazilians in full flow, on and off the pitch.

2. Netherlands

The Dutch are so in love with football that 100,000 gathered in the centre of Amsterdam to watch their team lose the final against Spain. Holland has never won the World Cup but the high-visibility support of the 'Oranje' crew has never wavered.

They even gave the team a 'heroes' welcome and a parade through Amsterdam. The Dutch are some of the most passionate fans out there and they make their presence felt at every World Cup. It's pure, infectious enthusiasm and we're glad they are out there in Russia.

3. Germany

The Germans aren't known for wild behaviour and they're a conservative nation on the whole. But at the World Cup, that goes out the window as the fans gather in their own cities to watch the national team.

The Germans invented the Fan Zones, which made their debut in the 2006 World Cup and are now a cornerstone of the fan experience. When they won the World Cup, the team did the full length of a Fan Mile leading up to the Brandenburg Gate, where they celebrated right alongside the fans.

They will travel en masse to Russia to support arguably the best German team ever. You won't have to look far to spot them, that is for sure.

4. Argentina

Argentina is often considered a fusion of Latin America and the more sophisticated corners of Europe. So it stands to reason that they are some of the world's most passionate fans.

Face-paint, music and costumes are commonplace, although the beloved blue-and-white stripes are almost always there somewhere. Lionel Messi is more than a footballer, he is God in his homeland. His fans will certainly follow him to Russia. If Argentina does well, the atmosphere will be spectacular.

5. Poland

The national team is seriously strong this time around. There will likely be a huge Polish contingent in Russia. Expect to see the towns and cities replete with flags, Polish songs and the odd drink or two.

Robert Lewandowski could spring a surprise this summer. Poland could spring a shock or two and the fans will savour every moment.

6. Nigeria

The Nigerian fans actually have some planning, it seems, and practise their song and dance routines before the game. Add some cultural elements like drums and even the Vevuzela that became legend at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. The Nigerian fans bring something different to the World Cup and it's always a pleasure to have The Super Eagles on board.

7. Colombia

The Colombians live up to their reputation for wild partying and every match they are involved in has a carnival atmosphere that's hard to match.

The Colombians have just as much natural rhythm as the Brazilians and can turn a street into an impromptu dance club. If James Rodriguez can repeat his heroics in Brazil, the Colombian fans could light up the 2018 World Cup.

8. Sweden

The rest of the world knows the Scandinavian nation's Viking heritage and, at least for the World Cup, the Swedes are happy to play the role.

You can see the Swedes a mile off thanks to the increasingly creative helmets and costumes they wear alongside the blue-and-yellow tribal colours of their homeland. The Swedes are always good-natured, but they do know how to have a party and they will make their presence felt in Russia.

9. Russia

The host nation are a wildcard entry into the competition proper, and a total unknown when it comes to the fans who will be on home soil for the first time. On tour, the Russian fans are vocal and outgoing, so we're hoping for more of the same when it welcomes the world. 

The locals will outnumber the visitors so let's hope they take the World Cup to their heart and help turn this into an event we all want to remember. Moscow, St Petersburg, Leningrad and the other host cities have great traditions. They should be able to put on a party like no other and the streets should be full of fans from every country partying together. Russian fans will be the glue that holds them all together.