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William Hill Mobile Application Features

William Hill Mobile App Review: If you appreciate choice, this may be the best time in the history of the planet. Join William Hill Australia –  Join Here

Elements of life that used to be somewhat limited, such as the choice of telephone service or dining options, now offer so many options that at times it may seem as though making a decision could prove daunting.

Thanks to one handy device, however, sorting through the choices is fairly simple, because if one choice does not serve up satisfaction or perform up to its marketing claims, it takes only seconds to locate an option that does honour its promises.

We are talking about the smartphone and its amazing ability to remove the element of geography from the picture. If you do not see what you want in NSW, you can easily patronise a vendor in Victoria, or anywhere in the world for that matter.

For reasons that should be obvious to punters, there are some restrictions on this element of modern life.

If online wagering is your desire, you must adhere to certain regulations pertaining to the licenses that have been granted to online bookmakers, but still, the choices are numerous to the extent that competition ensures that finding an online bookmaker with a mobile wagering platform that suits your intended purposes is decidedly simple.

william hill australia mobile app

Proof of this lies in the almost insatiable desire of the online bookmakers to receive feedback concerning what it is that makes their customer base happy and loyal, or succeeds in attracting new members to the fold.

William Hill is one of the agencies that has taken this concept to heart in developing a mobile wagering application that is loaded with features and new abilities, without completely abandoning the familiar aspects that users find of assistance to their wagering routines, or needlessly complicating the design in a manner that leads to uncertainty, the last thing any punter wants to encounter when trying to make selections. What follows is a brief look at William Hill’s latest mobile wagering offering.

The William Hill Company is the parent corporation of three Australian agencies, those being Sportingbet, Centrebet and Tom Waterhouse. These 3 brands have since been decommissioned to form one brand, namely William Hill. There are offices in Sydney and Darwin that combined employ over 200 people.

Mobile Application Features

Given the William Hill agency’s long history, it is not surprising that they managed to keep abreast of the latest technology. Their mobile app is feature-packed, with enough services to justify using them as a sole mobile wagering option. Key highlights include:

Ease Of Use

The app is clean and simple and makes very competent use of the smaller screens of phones and tablets. The main page following app launch and log in consists of eight large icons, perfectly sized for most fingers. Next to Jump, Sports, Horse Racing, Promotions, Dogs, Racing Features, Harness and Racing Multiples share this section. Directly beneath are two smaller, but still adequately sized icons, one for accessing account functions and the other for pending bets. The app will instantly refresh odds with a downward swipe.

Easy To Edit

Account details can be viewed, along with options to add or deduct funds.

Free Form Guide

Racing punters will appreciate access to vast amounts of racing data to assist in evaluating markets and making selections. A section providing Blackbook service makes it simple to track favourites, see their recent results and upcoming events. Join William Hill Australia Here

Access To Popular Features From The Website Platform

William Hill offers access to their popular Best Tote +5 percent bet type, so it is not necessary to wonder where the best odds lay.

Clear, Distinct Graphics

A bright yellow bar lets you know which markets you are observing, and changing to another is facilitated by tapping an icon with a text label.


Even punters with technophobia will find the William Hill mobile app simple to manipulate. About 10 minutes will make anyone with a bit of experience expert at getting around. One simple issue they seem to have avoided completely is the tendency of some applications to leave you uncertain of where exactly you happen to be in the app, or change from one screen to another that is so similar that you are uncertain about whether or not your desired action was carried out.

The menu icon is tucked away in the top left corner, next to the William Hill logo, offering another option for changing the page without taking up space better utilised for critical information. It is actually amazing to see the amount of information that can be displayed on a small screen without looking as though everything is crammed together.

All in all, William Hill has done an excellent job of building a mobile app that is fast, simple to use, and yet, full-featured to a most acceptable degree. They seem to have a knack for upgrading their offerings as well, based on the input of their clients. When considered in combination with the full range of features, aggressive odds and ease of use of the primary wagering platform, there is nothing to suggest that any punter could not exist on this one agency alone.

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