William Pike Jockey Of The Month April 2017

Jockey Of The Month William Pike

Jockey Of The Month: April 2017 William Pike

With the 2016 – 2017 Australian thoroughbred racing season winding down, our April Jockey of the Month comes from Perth in the form of William Pike.

About the only knock we can direct at Pike is that he failed to win either of the top events at Ascot in 2017, The Group 2 Western Australia Track Club Derby of the Group 3 Western Australia Sires Produce Stakes, but he holds an overwhelming margin on every other jockey in the top 20.

Pike has made more starts, with 312, as this is being typed in late April of 2017. His closest competitor, Brad Parnham is 56 starts behind, so while Parnham is lounging by the pool, Pike is busy racing.

Jockey Of The Month April 2017 William Pike

Pike can also boast a strike rate of almost 25 percent, over six percent better than number two Paul Harvey, who has made only about one-third as many starts.

Where Pike truly shines, however, is in the wins and prize money categories. He has 76 victories for the season to date, compared to Parnham’s 32. Pike holds a better than two to one advantage in prize money, with over $3.5 million in the till for the season.

William Pike won the Perth Jockeys Premiership last season and would appear to be headed for another title this season. Should he win, and nothing short of a major fluke or misfortune seems to be capable of stopping him, it will be his ninth Western Australia Jockeys Premiership.

Punters have come to rely on Pike, knowing that backing whatever horse he is on is a reliable strategy to come away with money in their pockets.

In the 2015 – 2016 season, he rode 118 winners in the Perth metro area and more than 200 across the state, so he is as consistent as they come. When his name appears on the meeting cards of Ascot and Belmont, punters know that to ignore him would be to do so at their own peril.

He took his first ride aboard Hexpack in 2002 and over the years of his career, he has banked almost $60 million in stakes winnings. Trainer Grant Williams puts Pike in the saddle as often as he can, knowing that Pike will bring the horse back to the stable intact and usually at the head of the pack.

In terms of major races wins, Pike can claim the Railway Stakes, two Perth Cups and six WA Derby trophies.

Should anyone be wondering, William Pike is indeed a relative, albeit distant, to Jim Pike, the jockey that rose to fame and fortune on the back of the immortal Phar Lap.

Congratulations to William Pike, our Betsfree April Jockey of the Month.

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